My strategy

As a new blogger, my strategy to gain followers (and therefore feedback on my posts) is to find like-minded bloggers to follow. Last night I went through some blogs that seemed interesting and immediately went to their “About” page. It’s amazing how many bloggers haven’t taken the time to fill that section out. If I found the blogger’s “About” page to be of interest, I choose to follow them.

At my last yoga session, I chose a Self Mastery card that said something to the effect of “The success of others is also your success”. So I’m taking this to mean that if I support others, they will support me. Is this a good way to go? Please share your advice with me to help get me started.

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8 Responses to My strategy

  1. 16sedici16 says:

    I’ve also learned that adding pictures help 🙂

  2. red1263 says:

    Reflect, but don’t think too hard. You want to remember your original feelings and thoughts, if you try too hard, your mind will start making new ones to compensate. Also, it might help if you keep something to help you jot down ideas as you go through your days, a small notepad or an app on a smart phone would come in handy.

    • 16sedici16 says:

      Ahh yes, this is fantastic advice! I have noticed that when journaling in books, I sort of edit my thoughts for fear of someone, someday finding my book and reading it. I worry about what they will think, but it takes away from the purpose and the healing nature of journaling in the first place. I also appreciate the idea of jotting down blogging ideas in my smart phone. I often find that I am bombarded some days with things I need to get off my chest throughout the day, and by the time my fiancé gets home I’m ready to burst at the seams. Even though he is the one I want to share everything with, this is a less than desirable way to spend time with him after he’s had a long day. Hence, my interest in beginning a blog. Thanks again for the tips!!

  3. Katharis says:

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m pretty much a novice blogger like you. 😀 Since I had to move from a former blog to here, I hadn’t filled out my about page yet. The first thing I did was to categorize and tag my post so that readers have an option of reading what particularly interests them. And I also took quite a while to edit the layout of my pages since I don’t want my blog to have a generic theme based layout. Attention to details is a must for me. :))

    You must be so excited! January would be welcoming another very loved sweetling,

    • 16sedici16 says:

      That’s a good idea – to categorize and tag your posts. I’m not sure I have that part figured out yet. I like the idea of editing the layout of the pages, but I’ll have to do some research to figure that out too. We are excited for January! I was a January baby, so I’m excited this one will be too. If I’m lucky he or she will come on my birthday 🙂

  4. Great advice — and I think your approach is a good one (I agree that the “About” page often moves me, or not, to hit the “follow” button!) Happy blogging — it is a great outlet, and wonderful way to find other like-minded people (as well as those who challenge your way of thinking!) throughout the world.

    • 16sedici16 says:

      Thanks! I’m not opposed to challenging dialogue as long as its from people who agree to see all sides of an argument and can agree to disagree at times. Thanks again!

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