My fiancé’s dog – the pitbull


So something has been on my mind for a week now and I need to get it off my chest.

The other day I had just come home from a superb yoga session. I was feeling energetic and decided to clean out my truck. When I did this I found my pitty’s collar. This is no ordinary collar however. This one is specially designed to help keep my very strong brindle boy from pulling me while I walk him. It’s not 100% fantastic, however its better than the regular around the neck collar or the harness I’ve tried in the past. It’s designed to go around his neck, but also around his snout. Therefore, when he pulls on the leash it tugs his nose downward and he’s not a fan of that. Anyways, once I found the collar, I thought, “Great, I feel energetic, lets go for a walk!” While all of this is going on, I have let the front door to the house open and the brindle boy follows me in and out and around while I clean and prepare for our walk.

It’s about noon, and I’m just grabbing some poop baggies when the mail man approaches the house to deliver our mail. The pitty, hearing a noise, starts barking and running out the wide open front door. Now, I know he’s just being a good ol’ sound alarm and alerting me that someone is outside. But, I’m nervous at how the mailman will perceive this big boy coming at him. I start screaming after him “He’s friendly, he’s friendly!”. By the time I get to the door, the pup was on his way back to me, as I expected, and the mailman was behind the truck – I didn’t even get to see his face. So I call the dog to come inside and the mailman speaks as he walks away, “Don’t f**kin’ laugh, it’s not funny!”. This shocked me, because I didn’t remember laughing, but instinctually said “sorry!”.

I haven’t been able to get this out of my head. I feel so “off” about it. Did I do something wrong? I mean, its my property. Did the dog do something wrong? He was just protecting his household. I feel like I owe the mailman something. An apology note maybe? A letter to the editor of our local newspaper about how I realize I may not have been a responsible pet owner that day? But I’m not sure I believed that, nor did I want to get the public involved as they can be vicious in my town. I dunno… I mean, can’t I go about my business on my own property as I wish? Isn’t this a free country? And I didn’t laugh… I didn’t! I think the fact that he cursed at me puts me off most of all. Was that called for, was that necessary?

After all this, I took the dog for a walk around my usual neighbourhood park. I ran into another dog walker who had a pitty too. This guy was a lot bigger than mine, but 4 or 5 years younger. Just a pup. We stopped and chatted for awhile, before I carried on turning the mailing scenario over in my head.

Has this happened to anyone? Any advice, suggestions?

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7 Responses to My fiancé’s dog – the pitbull

  1. red1263 says:

    I think you should apologize to him (either in person or note) but I must admit, that is kinda funny… His cursing was merely a reaction towards a massive dog running at him and his hiding behind the truck, I wouldn’t take it personally, but I’d apologize anyways.

    • 16sedici16 says:

      Ya, I understand his reaction was due to the shock of the situation. I’ve also been told that our mailman is not always the same guy. So unfortunately, I may never have an opportunity to apologize. Bah… I’ve decided to let this go. Thanks for your comments though.

  2. I use a “Gentle Leader” with my exuberant 4-legged guy, too, to help manage him on our walks and runs! Our dogs give the mailman cookies from the local bakery every Christmas holiday season to apologize for their rude door-rushing the rest of the year 🙂 — the mailman carries treats for dogs so if they’re in the backyard he will toss them one! I know mailpeople share routes, so if you did leave a little apology note, it probably would get to the one who had a bit of a scare. I have a large dog who can be quite intimidating when people approach the house, too, and it’s been a struggle — our vet actually had some great ideas on how to help retrain him so it’s not quite so extreme a response (but will never be perfect), but the vet said something that gave me pause which was that a dog in that mindset is “unstable” in sometimes hovering between good excitement and protective/bad excitement, and depending on how the person they’re approaching reacts, it could prompt an unwelcome response from the dog misinterpreting the action toward them. I would hate for that to happen, so I have been trying to avoid situations it could occur, or train him to sit for a treat as I “welcome” the person to our front step, and then that person gives him a treat. It has helped — some good resources through your vet and on the web, if you’re interested. Sorry I didn’t mean to blather or preach! (as you ask yourself, why did I want to follow travelgardeneat’s blog?!)

    • 16sedici16 says:

      This is good stuff, thank you! Yes, I agree the reaction of the person being approached plays a part in the dogs actions. It’s stressful and I have high anxiety as it is. I will press on, but this guy is tough! Thanks again!

  3. I found this hilarious. Although I do not own a pooch, I have been a mailman and I must say dogs are the single biggest fear for the majority. I never understood it myself until I had my own run in with one on my route. They seem aggressive when they are sprinting out to meet you, but all they want is to figure out who is at their door. I made it a habit to get to know the owners of the dogs on my route, this way the pooches knew my visits where a normal occurrence.
    Your mailman has either a slight fear of dogs or had a bad experience. That would explain the foul language.

    • 16sedici16 says:

      I agree, he must have had a bad experience. I wish I would have been able to have a conversation with the guy, but now it feels almost too far gone. Thanks for your perspective!

  4. nograndplan says:

    Great story and thanks for liking my stories too….just send out an apology as you meditation or practice, eventually your energy will release what you are feeling. And the mailman will receive your good intentions, even if not directly from you.

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