I hope they step on a Lego!


So, I attended my yoga class this morning as I do most mornings. The studio I attend is very convenient location wise and I really enjoy the ambiance and energy there. Except for one thing… it is directly beneath a loft apartment.

In this apartment, there are big people and little people. The big people smoke cigarettes. I know this because they have a rooftop patio and the air intake for the studio is located on this patio, where the tenants like to smoke. The big people like to vacuum between 9:30am and 10:30am usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays, they like to blast country music from 10am to 11am. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a big fan of country music, but I’m in the middle of shavasana… God Dammit! It’s really hard to meditate and focus while Alan Jackson is crying about a bug in his margarita! Both the big people and the little people have heavy feet… lots of pitter patters… ALL THE TIME, back and forth! It’s so distracting and I’m so irritated by this.

So, what is there that we can do about this? I mean, I understand that as a tenant you need to be able to live your life as you wish. You need to be able to do things when its convenient for you, such as vacuum and clean your house or enjoy a cigarette and a drink on your patio. But is there no courtesy or compromise that we can come to here? I mean, I wish they could join us in class, just so the loft was vacant during that hour. They make me want to scream, “Is it necessary to vacuum during the exact time of the morning class?!” Why is it impossible for them to see that between 11am – 5pm, NOTHING is happening below and we can all live in harmony if they could handle their loud business in that time frame. I dunno… I’m at a loss and it’s not even my studio, I’m just a student, but it’s taking away from my experience!

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

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6 Responses to I hope they step on a Lego!

  1. ambrosiana says:

    In Italy , if someone is bothered by any tenant, they would go and nock at their doors and tell them in their face what is bothering them. Another thing is that they at address this issue to their doorman (if there is one) and let him/her handle it. Last, they leave a note. Hope this helps!

    • 16sedici16 says:

      Thanks. I know it makes sense to tackle an issue head on, but in this case its a toughie. It’s not my studio, so I can’t take control and there is no doorman. If it were any other personal situation, I agree – a face-to-face conversation is warranted. Luckily, they were much, much better this morning and I forgot all about yesterday’s disruptions 🙂

  2. Estelle_0630 says:

    I’m quite non confrontational, so I can’t say I would confront them. It actually sounds to me like they know they’re disruptive.

    However, the issue here is, they are stealing Your peace. Perhaps a set of ear-plugs. Not the drugstore type. The type air traffic controllers, who work in very loud environments, wear.

    A friend, who worked at the airport gave me several sets, so I can’t even say where to aquire them. They do, however, work splendidly.


    • 16sedici16 says:

      Ear plugs would be great if I was practicing alone, but I’m in a class and rely on my fabulous instructor for reminders such as relaxing my tongue and activating my limbs through fingers and toes, yadda yadda. My hubby can get great ear plugs from his work which I use on occasion when he snores though, haha 🙂 Thanks for your comment and following my blog 🙂

  3. Rachel Ott says:

    Bug in a margarita and step on a Lego made me laugh out loud.

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