Just Do It!


So, I’ve been so busy trying to follower other bloggers and be sure to comment and reply where necessary that over the last three days I haven’t posted any of my own stuff. This is not to say I have nothing to write… the long weekend was flipping’ busy for me! The problem I suppose is that so much has happened that I guess I don’t know where to begin. I have noticed that, as a blog reader, Im not a fan of the super long posts. I find myself saying… “Get to the point!” or “What is it you are trying to get at here?” and so I don’t want to anyone else to read my posts and think “What is her deal! Just get on with it!” So here I am days later writing about how I didn’t write anything.

I thought one way to combat this challenge was to make sort of “To-Do list” which would include all the main things on my mind that I wished to blog about. The problem here is if I write it on a piece of paper… it’s out there. I don’t want my fiancé finding that list and saying WTF is this? The main reason I like the idea of blogging is so that I can get things out of my mind, but also not into the minds of those who aren’t interested – which is what I tend to do as soon as a friend or my love comes around. Alternatively, I thought, I could make this To-Do list and then just shred it once I handled all my topics. This idea sounded like a good one, but has spiralled into another issue. I either ramble on about multiple topics on one long post, or I write multiple posts in a day. I figured the latter was the best solution here. But alas, now what slows me down is finding a picture or photo to go with my posts. Writing multiple posts requires multiple pictures and this is a serious time waster for me. I have come to like posts with pictures to grab my attention first. I want to gravitate towards things naturally, and I want others to do the same. The problem here is I spend so much time trying to find the perfect picture that, by the time I’m ready to write the phone rings, or my fiancé comes home, or its yoga time… or, or or!

Finally, I have decided to:
1) Make a To-Do list of what’s on my mind.
2) Narrow that list down to three topics.
3) Blog all three as separate posts (without pictures).
4) Then, find pictures for them and edit my posts afterwards.

I hope this is a good strategy and will help me to narrow down what is really important to spend time blogging about and what’s not. I think when I speak, I end up talking about things that really don’t matter and if they upset me it just keeps that negative energy around me for longer than necessary. This is important to me, so no more excuses! I’m going to drink my tea, head down to yoga and get busy on my To-Do list once I get back. Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Just Do It!

  1. Estelle_0630 says:

    I love your post. I’ve had the same conundrum and have turned my blogs “drafts” into a notepad of sorts.

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