Things are lookin’ up :)




Hey guys… well, maybe I was PMSing last week… I dunno, but things are looking’ up 🙂

My man obviously picked up on my silent treatment towards him and showed up without a reminder to our prenatal appointment last Thursday. Later he said, “You’re really upset with me aren’t you?” and I said “Yes, and I don’t want to talk about it right now.” For some reason this was enough to make me feel better. Note to jerky men everywhere: Validating her feelings goes a long way! Somehow, someway… I got over how irritated I was at him.

Next up, the dog… I feel really, really guilty about the post I published on September 8. I don’t hate the dog. I was clearly having patience issues among other things all at the same time. So this past week, I decided since I was the one who has the time to spend with the brindle boy, I should make some effort. I started walking him every day and took him on two hikes this past week. You gotta start somewhere right? I have a three hour hike planned for tomorrow and I’m excited to try a new leash I bought him. I’ll keep you posted… hopefully with pictures 🙂

My man has left for the week on a business trip. I miss him already. This is a good sign… I love him so much even when I’m mad at him! I’m actually glad I chose to blog about my frustrations instead of lose my mind on him last week. If I’ve learned anything about us its that I get upset over stuff that really isn’t worth getting upset about. I feel bad that I’ve painted my guy in bad light to the blogging world – but at least I got some stuff off my chest and I didn’t have to drag his name through the mud with people who know us personally.

So I’ve made some goals:
1) Stick to yoga twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday mornings
2) Stick to meditation classes on Thursday nights
3) Walk the dog every day, even if it’s just around the corner and back
4) Try to hike all the EASY hikes on the local trail guide before I get too pregnant too move at all
I think that’s lots for now, haha.

So all in all, things are looking’ up 🙂 And its times like this that I am able to look back on a rough patch and remind myself that bad days don’t last forever. It can always be worse. 
And, of course… The only way out, is through! 😀

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One Response to Things are lookin’ up :)

  1. gr8 to read dis…blessing have satrted coming…lolz

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